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1979.19.15 Beaver Felt Hat.JPG
The use of felt in the production of this hat harkens back to a high point in the success of Biltmore Hats in the Ward. Biltmore, in 1953, accumulated enough capital to buy out their supplier Lancashire Felt on the corner of York and Morris and…

The People's Mill.jpg
Across the Speed River from the Alan Mill was the Alan Mill distillery. It was on the former site of the distillery that the Taylor-Forbes Company and later the W.C. Wood Company was constructed.

1978.93.2.1 Northern Rubber Co. Ltd. Picnic 1934.JPG
Northern Rubber Company workers and their families at a company picnic in 1934.

Multicultural Festival at Memorial Gardens 2009.32.2237.JPG
An Italian flag flies alongside a Canadian flag at Memorial Gardens during the Multicultural Festival (Italian Day) in 1981.

Sartorio's Sons of Italy Band 2009.32.1836.JPG
A 1927 photograph of the Sons of Italy in Guelph previous to the discrimination and isolation of the Second World War. Visible in the photo are both the Union Jack and the flag of the Kingdom of Italy in the background. Italy was, at the time,…

2009.32.888 Biltmore Location on Suffolk.JPG
Biltmore Hats' central location previous to the 1953 purchase of Lancashire Felt. The building is on the northwest corner of Suffolk and Yorkshire Streets.
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