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Guelph Mercury Biltmore Staff.jpg
A photo of the workers of Biltmore Hats in 1935, previous to the company's move to Morris Street and York Road.

2005.4.2 Biltmore Hats Strike Committee 1938.jpg
The Biltmore Hats Strike Committee in a residential area, 1938.

1987.60.2 Mill Flats former state.JPG
Harding Yards Worsted Spinning Plant circa 1950. This is during the stage of highest employment at the mill between Cross Street, Neeve Street, and Arthur Street.

1979.57.6 Neeve Street Carpet Factory.jpg
Slightly to the left of the centre of the photograph just underneath the Speed River, is the Guelph Carpet Facotry operation on Neeve Street.

1979.19.15 Beaver Felt Hat.JPG
The use of felt in the production of this hat harkens back to a high point in the success of Biltmore Hats in the Ward. Biltmore, in 1953, accumulated enough capital to buy out their supplier Lancashire Felt on the corner of York and Morris and…

2009.32.888 Biltmore Location on Suffolk.JPG
Biltmore Hats' central location previous to the 1953 purchase of Lancashire Felt. The building is on the northwest corner of Suffolk and Yorkshire Streets.

Birds Eye View from College Heights.jpg
On the right side of the photograph, you can see smoke plumes rising from the industrial landscape of St. Patirck's Ward.
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